Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

week o1: kissing


( above: our water color rambling )

It's seven sixteen pm, Thursday night. We ain't got no work left to do, but we're all still here babble bubbling in the office, our second home. We love it here, mostly because of each other.

Surprisingly this time, we've found an idea that is not food-related. We decided to do a sketch project where every week we will draw based on a randomly-picked theme, and each of us will make a drawing/ collage/ whatever the hell we got in our heads in a sketch book, and then switch the books the next week to start a new theme.

Aside for our love to illustration, perhaps this is a good way for us to stay sane and cooked up {and away from too many snacking} at the office.

Wish us luck!

- pop -